At LogoLogo Branded Clothing we are invested in our machinery and provide the best training possible to ensure all of our services provide you with the best finished product. 


Customers who use this technique to decorate their garments do so to provide an identity to their workforce and showcase their branding.

This technique requires the garment to be carefully framed in place using our state of the art framing equipment, for delicate items we use magnetic frames to secure the garment in the allocated decoration area. The careful and secure framing allows our embroidery machines to add your logo in the correct position and give a great finish to the branding. Dependent on the garment these frames can leave a faint marking, this can easily be washed off or removed with a cloth. To allow us to embroider your logo we must first digitise the artwork, this allows our designer to convert your image into stitches and then be programmed into our machinery. We may also ask you to select the thread colours to match your logo so we can get the best embroidered design possible.

Embroidery works best on garments such as polo shirts, work/business shirts, jackets, aprons and headwear.

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Full Colour Transfer

Our bespoke designed heat transfers are ideal for customers looking for quantities over 20 units, they bring great detail and vibrant colours to any garment.

At LogoLogo we are delighted to bring to you the latest technology, these transfers are produced using a printer and sustainable inks that will provide longevity to any design. This allows us to accurately create any design and colour, perfect for those wanting their designs to stand out and those looking for large quantities.

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Vinyl Transfers

Vinyl transfers are a great solution for those who want designs with less complexity, ideal for low amounts of colour.

Vinyl transfers can be applied to the majority of products that we offer and this process works best for low quantity orders.

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Bespoke Ordering Portal

Finally, custom tailored workwear made easy.

We know there's no way that one size fits all. Our bespoke ordering portals offers firms the opportunity to order themselves and their workfore their own unique gigh quality workwear with just a few clicks.

Here at LogoLogo, we a dedicated to bringing you your high quality workwear needs so you can find everything youself and your employees will ever need without having to spend hours looking through different sites or sourcing suppliers.

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Bespoke Clothing Website

Introducing a new kind of style.

We know you want a certain look and feel for your brand, so we offer custom site design that doesn't compromise on quality or creativity. Your site will have a unique feel that captures your brands individual character.

You won't find another website as beautiful as this one. Delightful yet professional designs that will represent your brand as you want it to be seen by your customers.

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Our team here at LogoLogo are dedicated to bringing you and your employees the highest quality workwear available. 

Our Staff Packs allow for custom workwear for each employee and each sector in your firm. Staff packs will not only bring a new level of professionalism to your company, but will also bring gratitude to your employees as they get kitted out in their new, high quality work wear.

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